Consulting and Educating
  • Do you feel you may be missing something about how to support transgender and gender diverse clients especially those whose identities rest at the intersections of race, size, gender?
  • Are you a Black queer and/or trans person who would like to become a personal trainer.
  • Do you want to or already serve gender diverse clients?
  • Do you want to be clear on your role in dismantling white supremacy within your fitness/movement practice?

  • Are you wanting to be intentional in creating a space that supports people of all sizes and genders--from intake paperwork, polices, services within your online/physical spaces.

I help fitness and movement practitioners serve more people and retain more clients/patients by creating practices and environments that welcome and celebrate people of all sizes and genders. I also help Black queer, trans and gender diverse folks gain empowerment in navigating the fitness industry to become much needed trainers and coaches.


Why Am I Qualified To Help You?

As a Black transmasculine person in a larger body with two chronic medical conditions. I am also a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist  with over 13 years of rehabilitative and functional training experience. I am social justice advocate and educator whose work centers healing justice & gender justice. 

I am currently a member of the ASDAH and Board Member of the Charlotte Transgender Healthcare Group. I have assisted in educating various healthcare providers and movement teachers on ways they can better serve their our most marginalized populations and cultivate safe environments for individuals who typically aren't supported in health and wellness spaces. 

What Is Your Current Consulting Rate?

My current consulting rate is $200 per hour. We can also discuss a flat project rate for you or your organization.