Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you track your client’s program and progress?

I ask that clients submit progress photos, measurements, weight (if they feel comfortable), and feedback about how their training and nutrition cycle went.This is usually done via email.

Clients also have an option to schedule a phone "follow up" call with me to express any concerns, share good news, or establish new goals to keep them on track.

Q: How often do you send updates?

Updates are sent on a weekly basis once we receive your updates for the current training/nutrition cycle.

It usually takes 1-2 business days to update a plan and get it to the client. Sometimes it’s sent out sooner, but NEVER later than 2 business days.

Q: I’m a beginner regarding fitness. Is this a program for me?

This program works best if you have at least 1 year of fitness training under your belt. It is NOT ideal for the absolute beginner who has never trained nor worked out before. However, special consideration is given to beginning clients. I will ensure that your plan safely and effectively progresses you through various modalities of training from stabilization, strength, muscular growth, and power.

My approach is a progressive style of training, so you will always be working out from a place that is appropriate to your level of fitness. If you are unfamiliar with the gym and specific exercises, I make your life easier by providing a video database of EVERY exercise on your program.

Again, my goal is to make this process  as simple as possible to follow to ensure your success.

Q: How often can I contact you if I have questions?

I am available to all of my clients for daily communication primarily through email. Of course there are times in which I cannot answer immediately, however all questions are answered within 24 hours during business days. I can also schedule a time to speak with you if necessary within 24 hours.

Q: What happens if I need to step away from training for a while?

If you have to put your account on hold because of an emergency, then we can definitely do that for up to 30 days.You may request additional time in the event that you are unable to continue after 30 days, but it must be cleared with me first.

You may cancel your contract at any time without penalty or fees.

Please note that ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. If you need to cancel, you must do so before you are charged. Once charges occur, we cannot offer a refund to you. If you need to step away for more than 30 days, please let me know right away.

I cannot hold a space for a client longer than 60 days, and your ability to come back is based on a first come first served basis

Your training program is designed with your schedule and availability in mind. Also your level of training, and body transformation goals are the main priority when it comes to exercise selection and the other variables that make an effective program.

Fitness doesn’t have to be grueling or painful to be effective. Also your program should be fun and motivating to you. 

The exercises, number of reps, sets, lifting tempo, rest periods, EVERYTHING is spelled out for you so all you literally have to do is follow the plan. It’s that easy!

I do ask that you submit updates to me via progress photos and short journal entries, on a weekly basis.

 In return you’ll get from me an updated plan set to keep you on track with your goals.

 Updates are reliant upon how your body is responding to the program as we go along.

 Any Additional Questions Email Me Here: decolonizingfitness5@gmail.com