Name: Li 

Pronouns: They/Them

Specialties/Hobbies: Group Fitness, Functional Training, Elderly Care, Nutrition and Traveling 


Li is an ACE certified personal trainer residing in Charlotte, NC. Whether it’s globally interviewing other trainers or providing group functional movement classes locally, they have a passion for connecting community with movement in some shape or form. “My mission is to help people move, just move. This is what has been passed on to me; therefore, I’ll give.” Currently Li is studying the techniques of breathing and stretching. 


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Name: Bo Wiley

Pronouns: She/They

Specialties/Hobbies: Plometrics, Functional Training, Poetry, Yoga, Hiking

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Bo Wiley, 32, was born and raised in Raleigh, NC. Her athletic career began at the age of 5, she played basketball, practiced martial arts, engaged in swimming, and track. Even at a young age Bo was often often misgendered as male. Bo learned to ignore the comments and continued to stay true in her uniqueness. She didn’t possess the typical feminine characteristics; Her parents recognized this and allowed her to express herself how she so pleased. Her parents instilled in her a fearless confident nature and unwavering determination, and her godfather, hall of fame track coach, George Williams, instilled in her a competitive and winning spirit. Her athletic career continued throughout high school years in basketball and indoor /outdoor track.

During her freshman year in high school she came out to her friends and family as lesbian. As an athlete she did experience the ignorance of some immature teammates and peers who chose to make a “big deal” out of sharing the locker room with a “dyke”, but Bo never let the whispers, stares and comments deter her. She focused on her studies and athletic development.

At 18 she coached a national girls youth basketball to several victories. Bo was awarded a track and field scholarship by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2004 where she assisted the woman’s track team in winning 3 outdoor track and field conference championships as well as 3 indoor track and field conference championships, all while setting school records in hammer throw, javelin, weight throw, and shot put. She was also known campus wide for performing spoken word poetry.

Bo graduated UNCC in 2008 with a Sociology degree. She continued to lift weights and play sports. Bo loves to hike and competes in obstacle course races (OCR) to challenge herself.  She took a special interest in fitness and developed her own fitness program. After seeing her immediate and increasingly astounding results a few of her associates requested her assistance with their fitness goals. She researched strategies and techniques, and suggested various, commonly effective techniques into their exercise routine.

She also identifies and alternates low-impact activities to address and emphasize different body parts for strength training. Using this tactic, she accompanies friends/family to exercise programs that are beneficial to their individual demands. This is the approach that she utilizes most, and incorporates her awareness that each individual has their own specific needs.  She also enjoys hitting the firing range for some target practice when she’s not in the gym or preparing for her next acting or modeling gig.


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Name: Scott Dorante

Pronouns: He/Him

Specialties/Hobbies: Group Fitness, BodyBuilding, Dancing & Real Estate

Hello everyone I am 27 year old cisgender man and I am working really hard to make sure I do my part in this world to help uproot patriarchy. I  believe collectively men need to stop shucking responsibility and work on our issues because we are harming so many people on the daily. I am not perfect but I am genuinely invested in learning and doing better.

I came to love bodybuilding growing up as I used to watch my father leave the house to go to the gym every night. After the gym he would come back with his muscles all pumped from his workouts. His body transformation inspired me to go with him. I asked if I can go with him to workout and achieve my personal fitness goals Although I was too young to go with him then. The desire never left me and I eventually began training on my own. 

I could not wait to attend high school because I knew they offered weight training. I love football, I had the opportunity to tryout for the team and made the cut my freshmen year. Football taught me the fundamentals and technique to weight training. I knew I had a passion for physical sports and nutrition as a result, I graduated with an Associates degree in General Biology. Then eventually earned a Bachelors degree in Health and Human services and a minor in Health and Wellness. While in college (New York) I interned at University of Buffalo training facility. I learned from the strength and conditioning coaches. I was able to help train and assist the athletes during my internship.
One of my hobbies/interest besides training others to assist them to achieve their fitness goals is dancing. I grow up in the west Indian culture in New York where there are variety of urban dances and music genres. Real estate is another interest of mine. I started a real estate business early this year. I'm very excited to continue to learn and grow in the real estate field.
My primary location is in Charlotte, NC. I love using the open fields and walking trails throughout the area. I also have a YMCA membership, and I will soon have a Fitness Connection membership. I have used Planet fitness with clients that have the unlimited guess pass. I train clients of all age groups, genders & race. The goals I strive to reach with all my clients is to provide effective workouts while preventing injures. I am an affirming and body positive trainer. I am supportive and flexible while assisting individuals along the journey towards reaching their fitness goals.
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Cell: 704-759-6585


Name:  Minister Veronica Daughety

Pronouns: She/Her

Specialties/Hobbies: Group Fitness, Horseback Riding, White Water Rafting

Minister Veronica Daughety is a native of Newark NJ. She is a proud graduate of Howard University class of 1988. She is the founder of Shack<LESS Physical & Spiritual Wellness Ministries. She has always had a love & desire to help others.

Minister Veronica Daughety recently said goodbye to corporate America to pursue her dream as a personal certified trainer. She currently works with youth and adults weekly with high intensity cardio as Spiritual life applications and conversations to push and ignite the clients are sprinkled in throughout the sessions. After getting in shape within 4 years at Planet Fitness she was called to give back. Minister Veronica is currently employed with Planet Fitness.


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