8 Weeks of Fitness Coaching

  • $190.00

I am a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and ACE Certified Medical Exercise Coach. I have over 13 years of functional training experience.

I firmly believe fitness can be utilized as a healing tool to help folks reconnect with their bodies in ways that feel supportive and liberating.

I am a body positive and fat affirming personal trainer.

 I am equipped to train folks with disabilities and chronic medical conditions.

I specialize in training transgender people and can assist those who are preparing for or recovering from gender affirming surgeries.

I support the Healthy at Every Size Movement.

I do not believe in shaming folks for how they look or policing what they choose to eat.

I honor the uniqueness of everyone's wellness journey.

Online Coaching is a service that provides education and guidance with assisting a person in reaching their fitness, restoration, wellness, and body composition goals.

Online services have been particularly helpful with allowing for folks in remote areas with little to no queer/trans support networks to access inclusive and affirming services when it is convenient to them.

Online training also supports folks who may not be able (because of physical disability) or do not want to leave their home because of safety concerns.

Gyms are already very intimidating for the average patron just imagine how this intimidation can be magnified for trans and non binary folks who are "visible". Their safety is often compromised. They may have difficulty accessing the locker rooms that align with their gender. Staff and other gym goers may be rude and disrespectful to them...especially if they are going alone.
Providing online services also allows for me to keep cost low to ensure that many people can access my services if they so choose.


Online Coaching may be a good fit for you.

Online Coaches are here to provide advice and suggestion. We can also be very motivating and supportive. Online coaching also delivers a level of accessibility that may be lacking with in person training; as you will have means to connect with your coach (via phone, email, face-time etc.) with greater frequency.

My Online Package is very reasonably priced. There is only ONE flat rate for 8 weeks of services and I don’t have any hidden cost, require any forced renewals or monthly rates.

Online Coaching gives you the power to be free of having to schedule appointments with trainers and allows you to have more control over your workouts.

Although this service lasts 8 week you do have the option to renew when it’s complete at a discounted price.

Simply choose the “8 more weeks” or “4 more weeks” option to purchase.


Custom & Adjustable Workout Routine (which includes mobility & restoration programming)

Daily Access to Me (for support and advice)

FREE T shirt when you sign up!

Once your payment is confirmed for this service you will receive the “PT Questionnaire” to complete in its entirety. 

Please complete ALL areas of this form and email it to me along with your contact information. Also email me any questions or concerns that you may have. 

Once I have the completed form I will reach out to you to schedule our 1 hour consultation.


Questions Email me Here: decolonizingfitness5@gmail.com