E-Book- LGBTQIA Affirming Spaces Training Manual Pt. 1: Introduction

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LGBTQIA is most commonly used as an acronym for: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual.

Welcome to Part 1 of this comprehensive resource. This book was designed to aid folks in creating a more affirming/inclusive community or workplace environment. Written by a black transgender person; this book is also filled with the testimonies of those who can offer firsthand experience and expertise into this subject matter. This is a introductory guide packed with practical and easy to implement steps to help anyone who wishes to provide more support to all members of society. In this book I tackle the tough questions many have been afraid or unable to answer. I also help to establish the foundation in which you can build upon in your personal journey to allyship. This manual will certainly help to educate you and provide you with the confidence you need in servicing our most vulnerable populations. Make sure you check out the wonderful Fitness Edition of this book!

*This electronic version is downloadable and accessible on any device*

What you get:

Educational Tools: including a terminology guide.

Assessment check lists to guide you along the process in becoming more affirming.

Loads of resources located in one convenient place.