Transmasculine Training Series: Chest Builder

Transmasculine Training Series: Chest Builder

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Welcome to the second installment of the Transmasculine Trainer Series This series is designed for anyone to have access to the expertise of a personal trainer (who specializes in working to help transmasculine folks or anyone assigned female at birth seeking to masculinize their physique). The series is designed to provide tools centering transmasculine folks in building a strong and well balanced physique. I’m not attempting to reinvent the wheel here, but I do seek to provide a nuanced perspective to the world of fitness coaching in an effort to make bodybuilding more inclusive and affirming to ALL bodies.With this program. 

In this program you will learn:

- All about the anatomy of chest including: the primary muscle groups, their function and how to train them properly.

- Body Affirming Modifications

- Workout Routines & More!

This is a helpful manual for those who are undergoing hormone replacement therapy and those who are not. This manual will also include pointers for chest binding safely which may help decrease pain and discomfort and provide your body with more support and mobility as you move through your daily activities.