Non Medical Face Masks
Non Medical Face Masks
Non Medical Face Masks
Non Medical Face Masks
Non Medical Face Masks
Non Medical Face Masks
Non Medical Face Masks

Non Medical Face Masks

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Patreon is a place where I can share my offerings with you at various price points. For folks who may not be able to access my online coaching due to financial difficulties. I am currently creating online videos on my Patreon available 24/7 to help provide more support.

Patreon is also a platform where I share loads of content for other Fitness & Movement Professionals to make your services more affirming to a diverse group of folks.

Below you will find a video that is available on my Patreon highlighting how you can transition from lying to standing without the use of a supportive device.  

Sit to Stand Without A Supportive Device


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Educational Services

Ilya is a social justice advocate with over 10 years of experience as a grassroots organizer and educator. Ilya is also a fat trans personal trainer who has felt firsthand the harshness of the fitness industry.

Decolonizing Fitness is equipped to work with fitness and movement professionals so that they may cultivate safe environments for individuals who typically don’t feel welcomed in the current fitness climate. By doing so businesses will also retain a more diverse client population. 

Let Decolonizing Fitness support your business in the areas of: fat acceptance, trans & LGB inclusion, disability justice and healing justice.

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