"Decolonizing Fitness has created an essential manual that transforms traditional thought about bodies, healthcare and equity. This manual is a MUST for all types of health and fitness assistance providers who want to expand their philosophy of practice. The manuals can also be integrated into educational programs that are lacking or confused about inclusion praxis with meaningful and lasting impact. Thank you Decolonizing Fitness for bringing this to the masses!”
~Tonya Cherie Hegamin
“We all need to be thinking about how to make our gyms, yoga studios, wellness retreats and any other healing space accessible to everyone. It seems obvious but most of us don't take the time or effort to do it. Ilya Parker of Decolonizing Fitness has created an incredible resource that outlines the steps to take if you're serious about having a healing space that is not only welcoming but affirming to LGBTQIA folks. Get it today.”
~Melissa Toler 
“When I go to the gym, the gender binary is thrown in my face. I’ve never felt comfortable, and that is something I continue to work on. I’m non-binary, a transmasculine person, so I typically follow “men’s” workout routines and diets, but it’s hard to navigate because my body chemistry is so different, and I don’t use T. I used to watch guys at the gym and follow their lead, too scared to ask for help on my form or for a spotter, so I’m sure I was causing harm to my body due to poor form. I purchased the Transmasculine Training Series, took the time to watch the suggested videos, planned out my sets, and had one of the best days at the gym yesterday! I could really feel the difference in my body by making changes to my form. I’m excited to continue with the series! I’m so happy to have found Decolonizing Fitness, because their resources really do teach me how to free myself from toxic fitness culture, and they offer the most inclusive and affirming practices I’ve never come across!”
~Nox Voortella