As a black non binary trans person navigating in the rural southeast United States unfortunately I'm often reminded of how "radical" the work I'm doing in the fitness industry actually is. I'm met with so much push back from folks who exist beyond the small support communities that I reside. I've honestly grown accustomed to this reality as that is the experience of so many trans and gender non conforming people of color in this world. 

That's why I'm always so explicit in naming that people just really don't want to see me and others like me taking up space in this world otherwise they wouldn't make things so darn difficult for us.

It definitely makes me push harder for my kindred to be seen, heard and supported, but I know the onus is certainly not on marginalized people to self advocate.

Yet so many of us keep going, enduring countless long days with little to no sleep, putting our bodies on the line. Extending so much labor for free because we believe that we will achieve liberation--if not in this lifetime-- for the generations to come. 

So please if you have found anything that I've shared helpful consider making a small donation so that I don't have to keep worrying about my rent and next meal.

There is so much I want to do. I will need your help though. No donation is too small and if you can't afford to donate anything financially please share this website or tell your loved ones and friends about it. 

In Warmest Solidarity,