Living in This Queer Body

I'll be co-facilitating an online workshop with the amazingly brilliant Asher Pandjiris on January 14, 2020 from 7pm-9pm EST.

To be clear this is not a workshop telling you why you should be moving more.
I will share about the historical implications of my gender dysphoria and dysfunctional ass relationship to exercise, the ways I felt pressure to medically transition and modify my body solely through exercise. This lead to me having many injuries. Since I’ve been working to reshape my connection to movement as a tool to drop back into my body not as a weapon to harm it.

Asher Pandjiris, psychotherapist and host of the Living in this Queer Body Podcast. Asher is a queer, white, non-binary (she/they pronouns) parent. Asher is also someone living with auto-immune based chronic health issues. They served as the Program Director at Balance Eating Disorder treatment center and have years of experience working with issues related to trauma and its impact on the body. Asher has published on the topics of intergenerational trauma transmission, the treatment of eating disorders, sexual assault in the music industry and gender dysphoria.

Asher and I connected immediately when I was a guest on their dope podcast (which has been my fav interview to date). We gone get into some heavy stuff and you will not want to miss it!