Creating Affirming Movement Spaces Part One: How to Support Trans and Gender Diverse People [WEBINAR RECORDING]

Creating Affirming Movement Spaces Part One: How to Support Trans and Gender Diverse People [WEBINAR RECORDING]

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This 2.5 hour presentation pulls directly from my lived and clinical experience as a Black trans masculine physical therapist assistant and medical exercise trainer. 

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“This webinar is an invaluable resource to anyone looking to create safe, affirming, and inclusive training and movement space for their clients and gym community.  It provides history and context around the ways that bodies are marginalized, pathologized, and oppressed, which feels essential to understanding why so many feel unsafe and unwelcome in traditional gyms and fitness spaces. It names and lays out a number of tangible ways that gym owners and coaches can begin to cultivate a more affirming culture and an anti-oppressive approach to fitness with special attention to queer and trans clients.  During the training, Ilya made me feel affirmed and validated in who I am and how I show up to movement. They also *called  me in* to further reflect and continue active work to reduce harm and lift up and affirm BIPOC folks. Thank you, Ilya, for creating affirming space, for sharing your knowledge and lived experience, and for guidance on how to show up and do better.” - S


"I didn't realize all the ways that I was excluding and potentially harming people as a personal trainer. This webinar gave me so much to reflect on, not only regarding fitness but how I can show up as a better person overall.  Great stuff!" - Don


"This training was so powerful and comprehensive, Ilya empowers clients as the experts of their bodies, and guides practitioners towards joining clients in ways that celebrate and integrate their holistic beingness within movement communities. This training offered a deep dive into the historical, intersectional, and contextual foundations of  gender identity and gender liberation. They also addressed the impacts of systematic oppression on diverse gender existence and body autonomy. Ilya continued to amplify the necessity of the decolonizing movement as a way of supporting and reclaiming wholeness within the ways that our bodies occupy space. This training was helpful for me as someone working in the eating disorders field. I want to remain open to continual learning, as well as, prioritize and create space where trans and gender diverse folks are affirmed when seeking healing services. I will be very intentional about paperwork, policy, marketing, and hiring when I open my business. I will also use the wisdom that Ilya provided throughout this training to continue to challenge and work through my own internal bias and privileges so that when I am holding space for clients/humans that I am not perpetuating harm." - Alishia


"This webinar was accessible, thoughtful, and informative! I deeply appreciated the tone and environment that was created-one that made the audience feel comfortable to ask questions and remain open to learning. I would recommend this to those who are new to thinking about what it means to create an inclusive space as well as a refresher for people who think about these issues daily. Ilya I greatly appreciate you sharing your knowledge, time and energy!" - Kate