Trans Awareness Month

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Decolonizing Fitness is owned and operated by a Black trans person and I am deeply committed to to not only shining light on the disparities that trans/gender expansive folks face but also finding ways to support our most vulnerable communities.
Therefore, I want to take a moment to share that November is Trans Awareness month in hopes you can connect to some important events happening now and in the near future. 
Transgender Awareness Week is each year from Nov 13-19 and followed by Transgender Day of Remembrance on Nov 20. During this week people and orgs get together to help raise visibility and bring awareness to the issues prevalent in the Trans community.
Highlighting Trans Disparities
Trans people account for about 4% of the human population and we are an extremely marginalized group. As trans people we are often navigating in a world where society is often to account for our human existence. The pandemic has also exacerbated our disparities especially anti-trans violence. My home state of North Carolina is one of top states in the country for trans folks to suffer from anti-trans violence. Also, many states still have very little access to resources and means of support for trans folks. It’s very difficult for us to stay safe let alone pick up and move.
2021 also set a record for anti-trans bills in the United States
  • 391 anti-LGBTQ+ bills
  • 198 anti-trans bills
  • 41 enacted LGBTQ+ bills
On the heels of the racial reckoning that happened in June 2020 regarding the state sanctioned killings of unarmed Black folks. Many people are unaware that transgender people are seven times more likely to experience physical violence when interacting with the police than non-trans people.  According to the survey Injustice at Every Turn 1 of 4 trans people make less than $10,000 a year and are less likely to have adequate healthcare, housing and employment. This has been my situation for many years even working as a Physical Therapist Assistant because no companies would hire. Even when I did find employment I would either be “permanently removed” from the work schedule or continually harassed until I was forced to quit.
This is why it's so important for allies, accomplices, comrades and co-conspirators to do your part in educating yourself about the issues that many trans people face. You must leverage your resources and advocate for our communities as much as you can. Below you'll find some amazing orgs to support.
Organizations to Support
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