You Can't Be a Trainer...You Don't Even Look Like You Work Out.

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How many times have we heard: "You Can't Be a Trainer...You Don't Even Look Like You Work Out."

What does that even mean? What we're literally saying here is that because someone doesn't embody the typical "Fitness Standards of Beauty" which also conveniently align with normative "European Ideals of Beauty" that they are automatically removed from been viewed as a valid personal trainer.

Some will argue: "Well they aren't putting into practice what they expect of their clients." Well how do you know that everyone sets out to be thin and toned. Cause the only bodies we don't highly scrutinize are toned and thin physiques in the Fitness Industry. 

Why do you even care how someone else chooses to look if its not directly affecting us. It's not concern for the person's "health". Health that is highly subjective by the way. (SN: I'll get in to why the Obesity Epidemic is a hoax on another blog post).

For those who were unaware. I am not your typical “fitness industry professional” and today I finally own that fact. 
I am a black queer trans masculine person and yes “labels” matter when you are carving space for yourself in a world that wants to deny your existence. 

I am happily thick and I no longer wish to be toned or buff. I honor bodies no matter how they show up in this world. I am challenging the fitness industry which associates what you look like with how much you know. I am re-imagining and redefining fitness in ways that offer more healing and restorative practices.


Thanks for reading.

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