Some Examples of Toxic Fitness Culture

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Check out the definition of Toxic Fitness Culture  if you aren't familiar.


Some Example of Toxic Fitness Culture:

  • The promotion of fitness the sole purpose of weight loss.
  • The belief that fit has a look.
  • Personal trainers unwilling or unable to modify exercises that support your unique body.
  • The belief that you’re not working hard enough if you haven’t achieved thinness.
  • Personal trainers who aren’t registered dietitians giving diet advice.
  • Personal trainers who don’t believe you when you need to stop and encourage you to push through pain.
  • The belief that beating your body up makes for a good workout.
  • Only being seen as an “expert” because you are in a smaller body.
  • Having a limited view of what fitness is.
  • Believing working out is more important than listening to what your body needs.
  • The belief that your body has to get smaller/toned when you engage in fitness and if it doesn’t you’re doing something wrong.
  • Being coerced or shamed into working out.
  • Thinking diet and exercise is the only way to take care of ourselves.
  • Cultivating fitness spaces that AREN’T accessible or affirming to a diverse group of bodies.
  • Making fitness overly complicated to show authority or expertise.
  • Personal Training Certifications that don’t offer education on working with body diverse populations.

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