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Greetings Everyone Candace and I are very excited to announce some things we are rolling out for the Decolonizing Fitness Podcast in 2020 which is currently available on SoundCloudITunes & Spotify.


I’m a Physical Therapist Assistant and Personal Trainer specializing in Medical Exercise. I ​am the owner of Decolonizing Fitness. My weight neutral, compassionate, trauma informed care comes from all the bullshit I’ve been through as a fat, black, non binary trans person with mental health issues and chronic medical conditions. I’m an educator whose work centers gender, racial and healing justice. I am a freelance writer and have contributed to ​EveryDay Feminism​, ​Self, Mashable Magazine and ​AthleteAlly​. I recently relocated to Durham, NC where I plan to spend much more time in nature and around large bodies of water. 


I decided to merge my love for restorative based movement practices and community advocacy to create Decolonizing Fitness, LLC which is ​a social justice platform that provides affirming fitness services, community education and apparel in support of body diversity. Decolonizing Fitness seeks to help people develop celebratory, safe, and sustainable movement practices. Decolonizing Fitness is equipped to provide consultation services which will help businesses ​retain more clients by creating practices and environments that welcome all people. ​Decolonizing Fitness also facilitates a workshop called Affirming Spaces which educates gym owners and movement professionals about fat acceptance, trans inclusion, and intersectionality, provide tangible ways they can make their spaces more affirming to all bodies. This workshop is taught directly from the two Affirming Spaces books I’ve written! Our first Affirming Spaces Workshop was held in Philadelphia with an amazing group of practitioners! 

I was recently offered an opportunity to become a group fitness trainer at an HAES informed, trans affirming and accessible fitness/wellness center in Raleigh, NC called Current Wellness. I’ll be going through an amazing 6 week training course where I'll be learning all about guiding folks through the Tidal class which is a combination of yoga and strength training and rooted in intuitive movement. I’ve never been through any training like this before nor have I interned with other fitness professionals. I’m the fattest one in the course and it makes me both nervous and excited! I’ll be chronicling my journey on my Patreon! Along with sharing all sorts of dope resources! 

You can check out Decolonizing Fitness in Instagram @decolonizing_fitness and on


What an honor it is to work with Ilya and the Decolonizing Fitness Podcast since we began collaborating in January of 2019 it has been nothing short of spectacular. I am black, queer, mother of 2 currently residing in Greensboro, NC. In no particular order, I enjoy: Gyrating, kink, writing, performing, organizing, and making my babies happy. I am the founder of Felyne Fitness LLC championing creative wellness practices, body activism, and PROACTIVE self care for the fierce ones. I am a NASM fitness coach and the creator of JahRation Nation Dance Fitness, a Dancehall and Afrobeats workout class. 

I am also BDSM & Kink Coach & performance artist. I am the creator of Felyne Fetish Fitness (blending kink and fitness) and the #ConsentConscious Project which will launch in 2020. I am the founder of Project Blackbird, a social justice & digital advocacy organization invested in the health and liberation of black/brown womxn. My work is rooted in teaching us how to connect to our fullest selves, fortify our bodies, be intentional with self- care practices, and liberate towards pleasurable living. 


2020 will be beautiful madness for both of us.  I am working on my #ConsentConscious project to teach consent as creating create boundaries and access points for pleasure using BDSM and Kink principles. Along with some awesome digital content, I’ll be hosting exclusive workshops with some of the dopest sex educators along with several play (practice) parties in the NC triad. Expect some new segments to the Decolonizing Fitness Podcast including Fetish Fitness tips and how to make your fitness routine more deliciously pleasurable.


You’ll also see more content from my JahRation Nation Dance Fitness Program and more workout videos that will be made exclusively on my Patreon and private fb group. These videos will range from flexibility, mindfulness, slow twerking, and how to build arm strength to give more effective spankings. And if you are in the NC area, I’ll host my regular JahRation Nation Dance Fitness Classes every Thursday at McCleese Fitness beginning March 2020. Lastly, I’ll have a short tour for my book, AfroYoni: An exalted solitary twerk, which chronicles my reflections as I analyzed my poetry during an intentional celibacy. 


You can find me on instagram at @CandaceLiger and @CoachFelyne (BDSM page) or visit my website


As for us at The Decolonizing Fitness Podcast, we have so much content including MORE podcasts (we’ll consistently dropping at least a monthly episode with extended Show notes for our Patrons), webinars, and in-person offerings focusing on a variety of areas that affect our relationship to fitness culture and the body. We understand professionals who identity as body practitioners need to have a more robust understanding of the bodies and personal truths who they may work with. Later in the year, we will roll out content for trainers and gyms to encourage decolonizing work within their respective settings. 


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